[wehdesign] ltd an Irish company with internaional pedigree

Founded in 2005 in Germany by Stephan Wehde, the business moved to Ireland to grow into a limited company. We used our background to create and design web applications that will hopefully change the world and if not they will at least help to make life a little easier.
At the moment we have a skeleton crew in Dublin, Ireland but we also have developers and marketers working across Europe.

Stephan Wehde

Founder and janitor

Stephan lives in Norway at the moment, in a little town south of Oslo close to the Skargerrak. At the moment he is applying his skills to a local international company but spends all his spare time to push wehdesign to the next level.

Henriette Gran Myreng

Social Media Communictaion Ninja

Etta, short for Henriette and that has nothing to do with her height, calls the world her home. She is skilled like a ninja in Social Media Marketing and Communications. She works with brands from various industries and we are very happy to have her on board. She writes passionately about food, travel and film on her blog coffee-in-a-cup.

Ben(jamin) Beasly

Doesn't like the name Benjamin

Ben ensures that everything is running smoothly. He is our anchor in Dublin and checks our products on a regular base. Ben has massive experience on dealing with vendors and finds time to trouble shoot our Mac issues. The possibility that he is the one who is answering your support questions with a straight to the point easily understandable answer is very likely. When he is not working for wehdesign, Ben is more than capable of taking care of your web design needs.